New dirt surfaces about Matt Gaetz

When a politician is under federal criminal investigation for serious crimes, it always represents an opportunity to assess whether that politician has any real friends or allies in his or her own party. Sure enough, we’re learning that most Republicans โ€“ even within the Trump regime โ€“ really hate Matt Gaetz and are looking to kick him while he’s down.

Gaetz, who is being criminally investigated on matters ranging from underage sex trafficking to hard drug use to campaign finance violations, has received public support from very few Republicans. Now we’re seeing Republicans make a point of leaking dirt about him.

For instance, Politico is reporting that a couple years ago Matt Gaetz went behind Bill Barr’s back to pitch an election rigging plot to Donald Trump. When Barr found out about it, he profanely threatened to fire a Gaetz ally in the DOJ who was in on it.

Matt Gaetz is denying that things went down this way. But the point is that someone directly involved with this incident is clearly looking to finish Gaetz off by leaking this dirt to the media. This is notable, because everyone involved was on Team Trump. Even Trump’s allies seem invested in taking Gaetz down โ€“ which means they hated him all along. The leaks will only get worse for Gaetz as this goes on.

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