NBC News should be ashamed of itself

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NBC featured the third Republican debate. It was a travesty. Perhaps some of you saw it for yourselves. During the first hour of the debate, there was not one question asked about anything that is happening inside America.

Now of course foreign policy should be discussed. And it’s good that it WAS discussed. But it didn’t need to take the entire first hour. In my opinion, abortion is a pretty big issue. In fact, it’s not just my opinion. It is the opinion of millions.

How long did the debate go on before NBC even bother to ask about abortion? Almost an hour and 45 minutes. One question was devoted to the issue, and most of the answers from Republican wannabes were lies.

I will give you two examples. Nikki Haley said to be honest with the American people. It takes 60 senators to pass an abortion ban. The Republicans don’t have 60 senators. This is true, but Hailey never answered the question about her thoughts on what she, as a candidate, thinks, and feels about abortion. Just call her slick Nikki.

She got no pushback from the moderators whatsoever. I expected better. The second problem with the abortion question was that many of the Republicans on that stage, even Chris Christie, pushed forth the nasty and heinous lie that Democrats support abortion up until the moment of birth.

Let’s just be clear on one thing please. There IS no abortion up until the moment of birth. This is a made up thing, a lie. Did NBC make some kind of deal with Republicans including no pushback? I’m serious. Welker was especially bad. I cannot believe she’s the new host of Meet the Press. She should not be.

But even putting the issue of abortion aside, here are some other issues there were no questions on:

LGBTQ rights.

Climate change.

Gun safety.

Racial justice.

Donald Trump.

It was it as if NBC was in a dystopian time capsule, floating around in outer space where the name Donald Trump does not exist, nor does the actual procedure called abortion, nor does the fact that millions have been murdered from AK-47s and other types of guns.

It was some of the worst debate moderation I have ever seen in any debate in any presidential race. You can take that one to the bank.

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