Donald Trump suffers major malfunction during National Prayer Breakfast speech

Donald Trump gave a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning that was honest, intelligent, impassioned. No, we’re just kidding, his speech was full of lies, idiotic, and completely lifeless. In fact it was so low-energy, we were left to wonder if the newly resurrected Dr. Ronny Jackson might have pumped Trump full of elephant tranquilizers beforehand. But one moment stood out in particular.

During his listless speech, Donald Trump tried to give the Christian church credit for the various major steps forward in civil rights in American history. That notion is a whole debate worth having in its own right, but the entire plot got lost when Trump accidentally credited the church with the “abolition of civil rights.” Wait, what?

This wasn’t a mere jostling of words, or a misreading of the teleprompter. Trump delivered the nonsensical line in a slow, stumbling, visibly confused manner which suggested that he barely even knew where he was on this planet, let alone where he was in his speech. The moment was up there with George W. Bush’s infamous “shame on you” debacle, and Rick Perry’s braindead inability to name the federal agencies he wanted to abolish.

At least Rick Perry had the self awareness to blurt out “oops” after he’d just sunk himself. Come to think of it, Perry was the “designated survivor” during Donald Trump’s deranged State of the Union address earlier this week. Perhaps the two are rubbing off on each other? Nah, Trump is just in freefall. He knows he can’t win the fight he’s facing, and he sounds like a guy who’s tepidly given up.