The head of the National Enquirer has sold out Donald Trump to prosecutors

With all the chaos yesterday surrounding Michael Cohen’s plea deal and his decision to name Donald Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator in his crimes, one of the overlooked aspects was that by default, Cohen was also accusing National Enquirer boss David Pecker of having been a part of that felony conspiracy. So why wasn’t Pecker in court getting busted yesterday? Now we have our answer: he sold Trump and Cohen to the Feds.

It’s been long established that the National Enquirer was coordinating its largely fictional editorial message with the Donald Trump campaign through Michael Cohen, and even going so far as to get Team Trump’s approval on the cover layout of each issue before going to print. Earlier this year we learned that during the election, Pecker and the Enquirer bought the exclusive rights to Karen McDougal’s story about her affair with Trump, for the devious purpose of never running it and making sure no one else could run it.

When Michael Cohen confessed in court yesterday that Donald Trump had instructed him to arrange the deal, it meant that David Pecker and the National Enquirer were also a part of that felony conspiracy. Now it turns out Pecker sold out Cohen and Trump before Cohen sold out Trump. The Wall Street Journal now says that Pecker “provided prosecutors with details about payments Mr. Cohen arranged with women who alleged sexual encounters with President Trump, including Mr. Trump’s knowledge of the deals.”

In other words, even though David Pecker is a huge Donald Trump fan and a longtime Trump loyalist, he decided to sell Trump out to the Feds because he didn’t want to risk going to prison himself. Pecker gave the evidence to the Feds in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, which is not going to indict Trump while he’s still in office. However, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has automatic access to anything given to SDNY, so Mueller can use this evidence when he makes his big move against Trump.

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