Turns out Nancy Pelosi played Donald Trump even more than we thought

Palmer Report just got done explaining how Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi played Donald Trump by baiting him into saying he’ll provide written testimony in the House impeachment inquiry. If he went through with it he’d either incriminate or perjure himself. If he backed down, she could accuse him of not having the courage to do what he said he’d do. Now it turns out there’s even more to it.

Now that Donald Trump has publicly agreed to provide written testimony to the House impeachment inquiry, the House is arguing in court today that it needs Robert Mueller’s grand jury materials because it believes Trump lied in his written testimony to Mueller, according to CNN and other major news outlets. Why is this so important?

When Pelosi appeared on Face The Nation this weekend, she knew that House lawyers would be making this argument in court today. She just baited Donald Trump into putting his written impeachment testimony front and center in the national discussion, at a time when she’s trying to convince a judge to turn over evidence that will prove whether or not Trump lied in his precious written testimony. This could help convince the judge to go ahead and turn over the grand jury evidence.

Nancy Pelosi is playing four dimensional chess, while Donald Trump is eating his checkers. She’s baiting him in real time, and he’s falling for it without even realizing what’s happening to him.

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