My Pillow guy Mike Lindell just got permanently banned from Twitter

By permanently banning everyone from Donald Trump to Michael Flynn to Sidney Powell, Twitter has set a clear precedent that spreading election lies with the aim of inciting insurrection is an automatic disqualifier. Now Twitter has permanently banned yet another insurrectionist, My Pillow guy Mike Lindell.

Mike Lindell’s @realmikelindell account has been taken down and replaced with an error message that says “Account suspended Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules.” To be clear, this message only displays when someone has been permanently suspendeded; this isn’t a mere timeout.


Notably, Lindell’s company still has its @MyPillowUSA account, which is generally used for selling pillows, not political commentary. But if Lindell tries to hijack that account and keep tweeting, as Trump tried to do with the @POTUS account, we suspect he’ll lose the My Pillow account as well. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea for Lindell to walk into the Oval Office holding a piece of paper that appeared to say “martial law” on it.

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