Robert Mueller goes after head of prostitution ring in order to get to Roger Stone and Donald Trump

For the past several weeks, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been pulling out all the stops with his grand jury when it comes to Donald Trump’s oldest friend Roger Stone. Mueller has subpoenaed at least a dozen current and former Stone associates and employees, making clear that he’s zeroing in on indicting and arresting Stone. The goal is to get Stone to flip on Trump. Now Mueller is pulling out all the stops by going after the head of a prostitution ring.

Robert Mueller has subpoenaed Kristin Davis, who was once convicted for running a prostitution ring. Davis does not have any known connections to the Trump-Russia election scandal. So what does this have to do with Roger Stone? Davis has previously run for office, and her campaign was run by former Stone sidekick Andrew Miller, according to CNBC. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the second time it’s come up this week.

Earlier this week Palmer Report brought you the story of how Mueller sent at least five of his prosecutors to a hearing which centered around Andrew Miller’s refusal to cooperate with the grand jury. Mueller has been making a strong push to get Miller to cooperate in the case against Stone. As he’s apparently been unable to make that happen, it looks like he’s moving on to try to use Davis to get to Miller, in order to get to Stone, in order to get to Trump. But there may be more to this.

Why exactly was one of Roger Stone’s deputies running a stunt political campaign for the head of a prostitution ring? Is that a mere coincidence, or is there another reason Stone and Davis found their way to each other politically? We’ll see what Mueller turns up. But when criminal cases surface involving politicians and prostitutes, it rarely ends well for the politicians involved.