Looks like Robert Mueller is making his move on Julian Assange

Over the past few days we’ve seen Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury proceedings against Roger Stone reach a crescendo with the subpoena of Randy Credico, the alleged go-between for Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during the election. It’s now nearly a given that Stone will soon be indicted. But now the evidence is mounting that Mueller is about to make his move on Assange as well.

The first hint came when Ecuador recently decided to hand Julian Assange over to UK authorities, who are surely willing to extradite him to the United States if he’s indicted here. But now we’re learning that the Senate is actively seeking testimony from Assange. More specifically, the Senate Intelligence Committee is doing the asking. This is a big deal, because this is the one congressional committee that’s been fully acting in concert with Robert Mueller. They wouldn’t be sending this request unless it was in line with Mueller’s agenda.

So now we know that, just as Mueller is preparing to indict Roger Stone for conspiring with Assange, and just as Ecuador is suddenly looking to rid itself of Assange, a Mueller-aligned committee is seeking testimony from Assange. Unless this is all some grand coincidence, the most likely scenario is this: Mueller is about to indict Assange and seek his extradition. Ecuador knows this, and doesn’t want to defy the U.S. but also doesn’t want to be seen as capitulating to the U.S., so it’s letting the UK do the handoff. And the Senate is asking for Assange’s testimony because it plans to haul him in once he’s been brought here.

From there it would be anyone’s guess how Julian Assange would choose to play things. He likes to spout propaganda, so it’s conceivable that he could agree to testify just to get in front of the cameras, but would any of it be the truth? That may not matter. We’re now looking at a scenario in which Roger Stone and Julian Assange could both be behind bars before the end of the month.

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