Here comes Donald Trump’s most crazed meltdown yet

Donald Trump probably didn’t watch tonight’s Grammy Awards. The odds are he’s either in bed eating a cheeseburger while watching Fox News, or he’s passed out. He’s so isolated from the outside world, he often doesn’t hear about major pop culture events until days or weeks later, if at all. But even Trump will surely hear about what happened on the Grammys tonight, because – spoiler alert if you’re still saving it on the DVR – his most bitter enemy appeared on the Grammys and made fun of him.

That’s right, Hillary Clinton (the real Hillary Clinton, not an impersonator) appeared during the Grammy awards and read a passage from Michael Wolff’s anti-Trump book “Fire and Fury.” She appeared by video, and she was only on the screen for around fifteen seconds, but it was enough to completely humiliate Trump. Just to rub it in, she read the part about him only eating McDonald’s because he’s afraid he’s going to get poisoned. The audience in the room cheered wildly when they realized it was Hillary’s voice coming from behind the book she was holding in front of her face.

This means the Grammy Awards managed to troll Trump by combining two of the things that set him off the most thoroughly: the “Fire and Fury” book, and anything to do with Hillary. Once he hears about it, we’ll get to witness his most crazed meltdown yet. Think about it. Is there anything that could set Trump off more thoroughly?

As it is, Donald Trump was already feuding with Jay-Z earlier today on Twitter. We’ve reached the point where Trump is so desperate for a fight against anyone he can find, he’s engaging in hip hop feuds despite probably not even knowing who Jay-Z is. Now he’s going to wake up tomorrow, or perhaps the next day, and go utterly berserk about Hillary Clinton reading a passage from the book he hates the most.

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