More good news for Joe Biden and his agenda

While the GOP used the April jobs report as an excuse to attack the Biden administration and call for cutting federal programs that the Democrats worked to restore in the American Rescue Plan, they’re now revealing how disingenuous they were by going after the May jobs report when it shattered economists’ predictions. Fortunately, President Biden is wise to their desperate spin tactics – so he’s talking about job growth in the long term – particularly when it comes to his predecessor.

The new jobs report fundamentally means that President Biden is growing jobs at three times the rate of the former guy. Over 2 million jobs have now been created in the four months since he took office. A graphic from the White House illustrated this in a rather bold and striking way – comparing job creation in the first few months of the Biden White House with the early months of both the Trump administration, and the Reagan administration – the other former president that Republicans consistently like to deify.

Despite the successes of the early days of the Obama administration, the unemployment rate in June 2009 was almost four points higher than it is right now – a metric that Republicans used to take back the House. It’s hardly a wonder that the GOP is furious at the recovery going so smoothly, and it being pointed out that the presidencies of two Republican icons were terrible for the economy isn’t going to make them too happy either. Biden knows that with results comes political capital, like what he’ll need to enact his legislative agenda – and he’s not afraid to call out the GOP when it needs to be done.

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