More good news for Joe Biden

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As a writer, I freely admit I’m in love with words. Words are everything to a writer. Just ask author Donna Tartt, who reportedly took eight years to write the award-winning “The Gold Finch.” One word that I’m in love with is the word: “Delight.”

I’m in love with the feeling as well. Feeling delighted is like feeling the gentle sea-spray of waves lapping against your legs. There is no doubt that delight is a wonderful, invigorating feeling, and once it comes along, one knows it.

And just today, I felt much delight. I felt that way because of this headline: “Joe Biden is now beating Donald Trump with Republican pollsters as well.” – Newsweek.

Donald Trump should NOT delight in this. On the contrary, he should be very concerned. Echelon Insights is a REPUBLICAN polling organization co-founded by a former digital strategist for the GOP. In their latest poll, President Biden is ahead by three points.

It isn’t just this one poll. Biden is ahead in almost EVERY poll these days. That may be why the media has gone silent on polls. Their narrative has been broken up. And now Biden is beating Trump in REPUBLICAN polls as well. I can imagine the GOP’s howls of fury when they saw THIS poll.

I’ve long said that polls this far out are just snapshots in time. Yet one thing is sure. As more and more people start to tune in and pay attention to the 2024 election, Donald Trump’s poll numbers are decreasing.

And that’s just delightful news for us. It also isn’t surprising. President Biden is all over the country, campaigning in swing states, meeting with the American people, and talking about his plans for them and America.

Donald Trump is sitting in a dusty courtroom, falling asleep. Which candidate would YOU vote for? So there’s no doubt that this is terrible news for Republicans, the worst news, and it shows “GOP in Disarray.”

Will the same pundits who so excitedly tried to convince people Biden was losing, get off their asses and report on this delightful news? Don’t hold your breath.

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