“More conspiracy charges coming” in DOJ’s January 6th criminal investigation

When Attorney General Merrick Garland and his Department of Justice criminally indicted and arrested a double digit number of Oath Keepers leaders last week for seditious conspiracy, it came as a surprise to some observers – but it shouldn’t have. All along the DOJ appeared to have been methodically building up to these kinds of serious charges against these kinds of January 6th planners.

Now Congressman Jamie Raskin, who serves on the January 6th Committee, has announced that he expects “more conspiracy charges coming” against groups that are similar in nature to the Oath Keepers. Raskin didn’t specify whether he’s basing this on any specific information from the DOJ, or whether he’s basing it on the general sense he has of where the investigation is headed. But either way, this makes total sense.

Now that the DOJ has rounded up the Oath Keepers leaders with the rather obvious intent of getting them to compete with each other for the first plea deal, it’s pretty obvious that the DOJ isn’t going to just stop there. Of course it’s going to do the same to the leadership of the other anti-government groups and extremist hate groups that invaded the Capitol. It’s just that some criminal cases end up being ready sooner than others.

More to the point, as the DOJ continues to round up the leaders of these kinds of groups, the goal will ostensibly be to not only pressure them to flip on each other, but to pressure them to flip upward against their liaisons with the Trump administration. This is all still just getting started.

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