Donald Trump appears to gloat after learning Mitt Romney has been quarantined for coronavirus exposure

Republican Senator Mitt Romney has entered quarantine this evening, because he came into close contact with Republican Senator Rand Paul, who tested positive today for the coronavirus. Apparently Trump didn’t know about Romney when he headed out for his press conference today, because he seemed surprised by the news.

When a reporter asked Donald Trump how the five Republican Senators currently in quarantine could end up impacting any stimulus voting, Trump expressed surprise that the number had climbed to five. When Trump was told that Mitt Romney was the fifth, he said “Gee that’s too bad.”

The reporter then asked if Trump was being sarcastic. Trump insisted he wasn’t. But let’s be real here. Mitt Romney voted to convict and remove Trump from office. Trump hates Romney. And now that he’s learned Romney is in quarantine due to potential coronavirus exposure, Trump is saying “Gee that’s too bad” – a line we’ve heard Trump use in clearly sarcastic fashion in the past. This is sick, even for Trump.

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