Mitch McConnell throws Donald Trump under the bus

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Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is the kind of two-timing weasel who’s only ever in it for himself. He’ll sabotage his adversaries, his allies, and the country at large, if that’s what it takes for him to survive so he can continue carrying out his corruption. McConnell is currently trying to raise money on the promise of saving Trump from ouster – but McConnell will sell Trump out in a heartbeat if that ends up being what’s best for McConnell.

Now that Donald Trump is trying to set as many things on fire as possible on his way out the door, it’s not surprising that Mitch McConnell is playing both sides. At a time when Trump desperately needs anyone in the federal government to speak up in defense of his bizarre Syria-Turkey stunt, McConnell is rather loudly going the other way.

Mitch McConnell is telling reporters that Donald Trump’s plan to immediately withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria is a big win for Russia, Iran, and ISIS. McConnell deserves no credit whatsoever for calling Trump out on this, because he’s the one who has been propping Trump up all this time.


But it’s nonetheless notable that Mitch McConnell isn’t hesitating to throw Donald Trump under the bus right now, at a time when Trump can’t afford to take the blow. McConnell can’t just magically save Trump from his inevitable downfall. In the end, McConnell will have to choose whether or not to risk harming his own career in order to help Trump. We all know that McConnell will choose himself over Trump without thinking twice.

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