Mitch McConnell and Rick Scott are now trying to destroy each other

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Mount Olympus was the home and abode of all the Greek gods and the throne of Zeus who reigned over them. And there were many battles that went on among the gods. You may have heard of one of the more famous ones, the Clash of the Titans. It was even a film.

Capitol Hill is the home and abode of politicians during the day, (some days) where they meet to debate and decide the issues that matter. And there were and are many battles that go on there. You may not have heard of one of them.

This is because all the talk’s been about the house of Representatives lately. So many have missed the battle going on inside the senate. And believe me, this is one battle one does not want to miss. There are two players in this warring game. Neither of them is a God though I imagine both would like to be. If one of them were a god, he’d surely be the god of incompetent judges — because that is his single accomplishment in the senate — confirming unqualified, often incompetent judges. This is turtle McConnell — also known as Moscow Mitch.

The other hails from Florida. (don’t they all?) Rick Scott is known as one of the sleaziest, most ruthless politicians ever — and not a good one. And Mitch and Rick are busy right now. They are busy destroying each other.

It all started when Scott attempted to push Mitch out of his position as the top republican in the senate. Ah, this, of course, would NOT go over with Mitch who, underneath that almost zombie exterior, has a brain that is fine-tuned to seek out enemies and duly punish them.

And punish Rick he did! Mitch ousted him from the important Senate Commerce Committee. Ouch! As you might have guessed, Scott was furious. And he’s been speaking to reporters about it, angrily clucking about McConnell and uttering the words “I’m responsible for the third biggest state in the country” repeatedly.

Scott also wants to hold the government hostage over the debt limit and has said he is: “tired of caving” to McConnell. So this clash is still going on. And the problem is they’re both so sleazy there is nobody to root for.

But it will get louder in the coming weeks. Some people are too big for their britches and cannot exist in second place. Both of these garbage men are two of these people ad I predict things will be getting even more heated between them.

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