Melania Trump has gone missing

Melania Trump is missing. There’s no other way to put it. She disappeared into the hospital under suspicious circumstances, the White House ended up refusing to explain what was going on, Donald Trump then claimed she had returned home, and no one has seen her since. Now a particularly bizarre stunt today by Donald Trump raises even more questions about where Melania is, and why.

We’d be content to give Melania Trump some privacy with regard to whatever she’s going through, if not for how dishonestly the Trump administration has been handling the whole thing. Something serious is going on, and if it were the kind of health issue they could talk about, they’d just tell us. Instead the White House claimed Melania was going to be in the hospital for multiple days for a “kidney procedure” that shouldn’t have taken that long. Then, when she was still missing in action after the initially stated timeframe had come and gone, the White House refused to answer the media’s questions about whether she was even still in the hospital. Now it’s gotten even weirder, thanks to her husband.

Today, while outside the White House, Donald Trump told a group of assembled reporters that Melania Trump was inside the White House. He pointed to a window and said “She’s doing great. She’s looking at us right there.” The Washington post and other reporters who were present have confirmed that Melania was not at the window.

In other words, instead of just leaving it alone and hoping the media would move on, Donald Trump has resorted to telling one of his trademark ridiculous lies about it. Since he’s lying about Melania Trump having been at the window, it’s fair to assume he’s lying about Melania being in the White House at all. Where the heck is she? Why is she hiding? Whatever has happened to her, it’s the kind of thing that the White House clearly can’t talk about. If this were indeed some kind of worsening kidney condition, they’d have just said so.

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