Mike Pence’s day of reckoning is upon us

How do we know that Mike Pence is knee deep, if not neck deep, in Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal? Back when the impeachment process was getting underway, Trump called a press conference and repeatedly asked the media to investigate Pence’s phone calls with the President of Ukraine. Pence has largely been out of the spotlight since, but now his day of reckoning is finally upon us.

One of Mike Pence’s top aides, Jennifer Williams, was on Donald Trump’s fateful phone call with the President of Ukraine. She’s supposed to testify to the House impeachment inquiry tomorrow, and tonight ABC News reported that she will in fact show up and testify if she’s subpoenaed. Whenever the House has found itself in this same situation with other witnesses, it’s simply issued a last minute subpoena accordingly. So let’s assume that Williams will testify tomorrow. Now what?

It’s already been well established what took place on the Trump-Ukraine phone call that Jennifer Williams listened in on. Instead she’ll mainly be asked about what she did before and after – particularly with regard to her communications with Mike Pence. She’ll be under oath, and there will probably be other witnesses down the road who will confirm or refute her testimony. So she knows that if she lies, she’ll likely get nailed for perjury and go to prison. For that reason, she’ll probably have to tell the truth.

This means Jennifer Williams is about to, at least on some level, sell out Mike Pence to the House impeachment inquiry. We don’t yet know how much she knows, or how much she witnessed. But her testimony is groundbreaking, because it makes 100% clear that the House is targeting Pence as part of this impeachment process. Williams will be the first witness to testify about Pence, but she surely won’t be the last.

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