Mike Pence’s 2024 campaign is falling apart already

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Mike Pence is busy planning his 2024 presidential campaign. It isn’t going well. Pence has been outspoken in his apparent unending determination to end all abortion rights for all women. Pence has spoken endlessly (and painfully) about a national abortion ban. He speaks about it like it is some gift he wants to bestow on the American people, some highly desired prize only he can offer.

In reality, most people do not want a national abortion ban and would never in a million years, vote for someone who makes that a priority. But Mike Pence is dense. He is either dense, or he couldn’t care less WHAT the American people want because this seems to be one of his primary issues.

The second one reared its ugly head a few days ago. Mike Dense has decided it would be a wonderful idea to privatize social security. Oh, Pence, Pence — have you no sense? Apparently not. Because Mike Dense spoke enthusiastically last week about reforming social security and privatizing it.

Eagerly chatting away, Pence said a number of these types of reforms could be made, effectively torpedoing any chance he had of ever becoming president, which was pretty much zero, to begin with.

I am endlessly fascinated by these people who seem determined to hurt the American people as deeply as humanly possible.

I sometimes wonder if someone like Mike Pence has even given the slightest thought to the regular working person. Is he aware do you think of all the families who live in poverty? Is he aware, do you suppose, of things like incest” Or gang rape?” Does he give one second of thought to those less fortunate than him?

I doubt it. I am not worried about Mike Dense winning the nomination — especially not now with these utterly asinine comments. But it is just sad. Sadly, a man who hides behind the cloak of Christianity does not seem to have one comprehensive sensible idea of how to make the lives of the American people better.

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