Mike Pence’s name surfaces in House impeachment inquiry document

Things got particularly ugly for Mike Pence this week when the Trump regime began leaking details of Pence’s role in the Ukraine whistleblower scandal. It meant that Pence had been exposed, and was in now in danger of going down in the scandal. It also meant that Donald Trump was gunning for him, and that he’d have to watch his back very carefully. Now it’s even worse for Pence.

Officially, the House impeachment inquiry is solely into Donald Trump and his actions. It’s not an investigation into Mike Pence. No one running the inquiry is even publicly using the words “impeach” and “Pence” in the same sentence yet. But the inquiry did just turn a corner when it comes to the prospect of impeaching Pence.

Last night Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings, and Eliot Engel released a joint letter documenting the latest evidence to emerge in Donald Trump’s whistleblower scandal. Here’s the sentence that should scare the crap out of Pence: “Likewise, we are investigating reports that Vice President Mike Pence may have been made aware of the contents of the [Trump-Ukraine] call, and his absence from the Ukrainian President’s inauguration may have been related to efforts to put additional pressure on Ukraine to deliver on the President’s demands.”

Sure, that’s bit tame in comparison to what’s being leveled at Donald Trump. But let’s be clear what’s happening here. These three committee chairs just publicly confirmed that Mike Pence’s actions are being investigated as part of the House impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. In other words, they’re making clear that they’re going to get to the bottom of what Pence knew, and what Pence did. Mike Pence is now being targeted by Trump’s leaks, and by the House’s investigation. Pence is taking water from all sides.

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