Mike Pence resorts to making threats at his mask scandal explodes

Mike Pence’s refusal to wear a mask while visiting patients and medical professionals at the Mayo Clinic, in violation of the hospital’s own rules, has turned into a large and lasting scandal. It got bad enough that Karen Pence went on Fox News today and falsely claimed that Mike Pence was never told to wear a mask.

But that merely resulted in Voice of America reporter Steve Herman tweeting this:


Now Mike Pence and his team are insisting that Herman is somehow the one in the wrong, because Pence being warned to wear a mask was supposedly “off the record.” The Washington Post says that Pence is threatening some kind of unspecified “punishment” against Herman and his news outlet. That’s how out of control this whole thing is for Pence.


Also, by accusing Steve Herman of having revealed something that was supposed to be off the record, Mike Pence essentially admitted that Herman’s story was true. In so doing, Pence just admitted that his wife is lying.

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