Last week Donald Trump held a press conference and repeatedly asked the reporters in the room to look at the transcripts of Mike Pence’s phone calls with the president of Ukraine. Trump was clearly attempting to take the whistleblower scandal heat off himself by painting Pence as having been involved. Well guess what? For once Trump was, if only for sinister reasons, telling the truth.

Donald Trump had Mike Pence call the president of Ukraine and inform him that the nation’s military aid was still being withheld, according to a Washington Post report tonight. Pence’s aides are insisting that he didn’t know the aid was being withheld because Trump was demanding phony dirt on Joe Biden. But in that same report, we learn that one of Pence’s top aides listened in on Trump’s fateful phone call with Ukraine. Are we really supposed to believe that the aide heard Trump trying to extort the president of Ukraine into helping him rig the 2020 election, and didn’t think to tell Pence about it? Also, Pence reportedly would have received notes from the call the next day.

What may be more interesting here is the timing. Things went horribly for Donald Trump today, thanks to his unhinged tweets, and his even more unhinged press conference. Things went even worse today for Trump’s loyal Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, to the point that Trump is now probably close to having to oust Pompeo as a scapegoat.

And yet, just as Donald Trump is on the ropes tonight and Mike Pompeo is down for the count, this story incriminating Mike Pence just happens to conveniently leak out at the perfect time. This comes after Donald Trump has directly tried to scapegoat Mike Pence in this scandal once already. It’s not difficult to figure out that Trump has leaked this revelation about Pence tonight in the hope of taking the heat off the people he cares more about.

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