Is it game over for Mike Pence?

Palmer Report predicted more than fifteen months ago that Mike Pence will not make it through his first term as Vice President. Due to his illegalities associated with the Donald Trump campaign and Trump transition team (which he was in charge of), including overseeing individuals such as Michael Flynn, who sold out American secrets, Pence will certainly go down with Trump.

Recently, there have been reports of Trump replacing Pence as his running mate heading into the 2020 election. News outlets have long been questioning if Pence could remain as Trump’s second in command. While Palmer Report, until recently, appears to be the only source suggesting Pence may be replaced, a New York Times piece from a similar period stated that Pence may run for president himself.

While the previous reporting from the NYT has not been vindicated, there have been suggestions that Trump may replace Pence with someone else as his VP for the 2020 election. In a recent Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal, the possibility of Trump swapping Pence for former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, was considered.

Following the first round of Democratic debates, two nights that included twenty candidates, Trump is clearly feeling like he needs to make up ground. While Trump has sent out a multitude of tweets attacking Democratic candidates, none have appeared to make a real impact on the candidates. While Trump is overseas for the G20 conference, something that never prevents him from taking time to tweet about his perceived political enemies, his presence on social media has been quite subdued.

While Donald Trump is certainly terrified to debate whoever the Democratic candidate ends up being, a couple things seem certain. After the past thirty months of failed policies and promises, Trump cannot simply run on the lies he spewed the 2016 election. Another thing Trump cannot promote is his loyalty to his Vice President. After all the facts have come out, and the admissions from the Trump campaign, it seems clear that Pence will not be his VP candidate when everything is said and done.

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