Mike Pence backs away slowly

When lunatic Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert filed a lawsuit asking the courts to rule that Vice President Mike Pence somehow magically has the power to overturn the election on January 6th, Palmer Report explained in detail why it wasn’t even a real thing, and that Pence literally can’t do any such thing.

Sure enough, Mike Pence is now refusing to sign onto Gohmert’s suit. This isn’t surprising at all, because – as we’ve seen again and again and again over the past six weeks – when you go into court with no case at all, it automatically gets thrown out. Pence has simply decided that he doesn’t want the embarrassment of having his name on Gohmert’s laughable suit when it gets tossed.

This is a reminder that even Pence understands that he has literally no power to do anything on January 6th. He can stand there and whine about the election results if he wants, but that’ll have no impact on anything. Nor will there be any impact whatsoever if Republican Senator Josh Hawley goes through with his planned stunt of pretending to “contest” the election results on January 6th, when he can’t do that either. These simply aren’t real things.


Now that Mike Pence is backing away slowly from the entire January 6th hallucination, the next question will be whether Donald Trump begins lashing out at Pence for refusing to play along with the fantasy. But either way, nothing at all will happen on January 6th, beyond some sore-loser foot stomping. There is a literally 100% chance that Joe Biden will take office on Inauguration Day. Anyone (on either side) who believes otherwise has simply lost the plot.

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