Michael Flynn’s sentencing just got locked into place

In a deliciously timed bit of irony, just hours before the probation officer for Michael Flynn was set to file his pre-sentencing report, Ivanka Trump suddenly found herself embroiled in a private email scandal of her own. Flynn was the guy who started the “Lock Her Up” chant, demanding that Hillary Clinton be falsely imprisoned over her emails. Now it’s Flynn who’s beating a path to a prison cell.

As required, Michael Flynn’s probation officer did indeed file his report today. And as per policy, the contents of that report are being kept under seal for now. But the key detail here is that the documentation does confirm that Flynn’s sentencing hearing is locked into place for December 18th. The timing here is important within the context of Mueller’s other ongoing efforts.

Last week Robert Mueller was required to file a status update in the Paul Manafort cooperation deal. Instead of simply filing a report stating that another 60 or 90 days were necessary, as is usually the case, Mueller instead asked the judge for a ten day delay in filing the status update itself, promising that important information about Manafort’s cooperation would become public by then. Translation: one or more people sold out by Manafort are just a few days away from getting popped. Then Mueller’s allies filed a similar request in the Maria Butina case, asking for a two week delay.

This has all strongly suggested that we’re just days, not weeks or months, away from Robert Mueller making his big moves. Now we have confirmation that the Michael Flynn sentencing hearing isn’t being pushed back beyond December 18th. This suggests that, whatever and whomever Flynn has sold out, they’re going to get popped well before that date. It’s the latest indication that things are going to happen sooner rather than later.