Donald Trump has completely deranged late night meltdown over Michael Flynn

Donald Trump has always been a sociopathic criminal. Over the past couple years he’s clearly begun descending into some kind of mid-stage dementia or senility, which combined with his existing sociopathy, has often resulted in sinister yet incoherent schemes. Take, for instance, whatever it is that Trump thinks he’s doing with Michael Flynn tonight.

Roger Stone is scheduled to report to prison tomorrow. That means if Donald Trump is going to keep Stone out of prison by pardoning him, it has to happen tonight or tomorrow. The Stone situation is particularly ugly, considering newly unsealed search warrants revealed yesterday that Stone was communicating with Julian Assange in 2017 about having Trump sabotage the DOJ case into Assange. So what is Trump doing about it? Well, he’s focused on Michael Flynn instead.

Trump has tweeted numerous right-wing articles tonight, one after another, which all (falsely and ludicrously) claim that Michael Flynn was somehow set up by the FBI. Nevermind that Flynn lied to the FBI and then pleaded guilty once he got caught. Nevermind that Flynn would have been hit with far more serious criminal charges if he hadn’t cut a cooperative plea deal. Trump is desperate tonight to make the case that Flynn, who sold out his country to Russia, is an innocent victim.

So what’s the play here? Is Donald Trump trying to gin up support for Michael Flynn tonight so he can pardon Flynn and Roger Stone in one fell swoop? It’s possible. Trump has to seriously consider pardoning Stone, considering how much dirt Stone has on Trump. But if Trump does pardon Stone, it’ll hand the Democrats an easy and effective talking point about Trump being a criminal, which will be used against Trump every day of the 2020 election cycle. Whatever Trump is trying to say by tweeting these articles, it’s as muddled and incoherent as ever.

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