Michael Flynn is “engaging” with the January 6th Committee amid new accusations against his brother

Last night we pointed out that Michael Flynn was on the January 6th Committee’s schedule to testify today. While the committee puts subpoenaed witnesses on the calendar whether they intend to testify or not, it was notable in that Flynn hadn’t yet publicly said whether or not he was going to show up.

Then early this morning, Politico reported that former D.C. National Guard official Col. Earl Matthews is now accusing Gen. Charles Flynn – brother of Michael Flynn of having lied about the events of January 6th.

Even as we wait for the other shoe to drop as far as what was really going on and who’s really telling the truth, NBC is reporting that the January 6th Committee has decided at the last minute to give Michael Flynn a “short postponement” so he can “engage” with the investigation.

So what’s going on here? That’s far from clear. This leaves us with a lot of questions. Michael Flynn has burned investigators before, cutting a plea deal with the Mueller team and pleading guilty in court, before changing his mind and backing out of his cooperation. So if Flynn is suddenly offering to cooperate on some level, the committee surely wouldn’t just take him at his word, unless he’s given them something of value to buy himself a few days. And of course the bigger question is whether this last minute maneuvering with Michael Flynn’s testimony is related to this morning’s reporting about his brother, or if that’s mere coincidence.


In any case, if Michael Flynn is suddenly panicking over this report about his brother and has decided to give the committee something of use… well, the committee might as well take it. If it ends up being of insufficient value, or nothing at all, the January 6th Committee can still quickly refer him for indictment for criminal contempt and move on with actual cooperating witnesses.

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