Here we go with the Michael Flynn debacle

Michael Flynn managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory this week when, on the verge of being given little to no prison time as part of his plea deal, he decided to hire a new anti-FBI attorney whose likely goal is to blow up Flynn’s plea deal. Donald Trump publicly praised Flynn’s move, which means it can’t have been a smart one. So what’s really going on here? We’re about to find out.

Earlier this year, Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan took a look at the Michael Flynn court filings, and then asked aloud in court if Flynn had committed treason. Sullivan also made clear that he thought it was ridiculous that Flynn had tried to paint himself as a victim of the FBI. Sullivan told Flynn that if he wanted a lenient sentence, he would need to come back with evidence of additional cooperation with the authorities. Now Flynn is coming back with a new lawyer who’s trying to paint him as – shocker – a victim of the FBI.

You see where this is going, right? Judge Sullivan has ordered Michael Flynn to show up in court on Wednesday and explain what all is going on. All along, Sullivan has been demanding contrition from Flynn, and instead he’s about to come into court with a whole new load of hostile anti-FBI nonsense.

So, to recap: we’ve got a judge who has been looking for an excuse to hand out a harsh sentence. We’ve got a defendant who now inexplicably appears intent on landing a harsh sentence. We’ve got a new lawyer who literally sells t-shirts claiming that the defendant has been framed, even though the defendant has already pleaded guilty. And we’ve got a criminal President of the United States openly cheering for the whole thing to combust. What could possibly go wrong?

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