Michael Cohen stomps all over Donald Trump

Now that Michael Cohen has completed his grand jury testimony against Donald Trump, and Stormy Daniels has publicly confirmed that she’s willing to testify at Trump’s criminal trial if needed, it couldn’t be much more clear that Trump is being criminally indicted. Trump appears to understand what’s happening to him, because his rants on his failing social media platform just keep getting more pathetic.

Trump is now resorting to hurling crass personal insults at Stormy Daniels over her physical appearance, which we won’t repeat here. Perhaps more revealingly, Trump is so spun around by what’s happening, he’s now rambling about how he was wearing “full golf gear” when he met her (we don’t want to know), and he’s claiming that the entire thing is a “false acquisition.” Wait, what? He also accused Cohen of somehow cooking up the entire indictment plot.

Suffice it to say that Michael Cohen has had enough of Trump’s mouth. Cohen fired back at “Dumbass Donald” and labeled him an “orange crusted ignoramus” while mocking him for saying “false acquisition” instead of false accusation.

We’re pretty sure Michael Cohen – who is now a two time bestselling author with his latest book Revenge – is going to come out on top of this. Perhaps Donald Trump can find a copy of Cohen’s book to read in the prison library.