Michael Cohen takes conspicuous new shot at Donald Trump

Now that an arrest, a dozen indictments, and Donald Trump’s own actions have put his treason with Russia front and center in the minds of the media and the public, the ongoing saga of Trump’s longtime fixer Michael Cohen has taken something of a backseat. When we last checked with Cohen, he and his new attorney were giving every indication he was planning to cut a plea deal against Trump. If that’s happened, it still has yet to be announced. But Cohen did just take a conscious new shot at Trump.

Yesterday Donald Trump stood next to Russian President Vladimir Putin and fully sided with Russia against the United States on a number of issues, including Russia’s hacking of the 2016 presidential election. This brought so much widespread condemnation and scorn, it’s been difficult to keep track of it all. John McCain called Trump “disgraceful.” Former CIA Director John Brennan called it “treasonous.” Chuck Schumer demanded to know what blackmail material Putin is holding over Trump. But then Michael Cohen decided to weigh in.

Shortly after the Donald Trump debacle played out on live national television, Cohen – who rarely posts anything to Twitter, decided to tweet this: “As I said to ABC’[email protected] Stephanopoulos, ‘I respect our nation’s intelligence agencies who determined that Russia, had in fact, interfered or meddled in our democratic process. I repudiate Russia’s effort…and call on all Americans to do the same.'”

This is consistent with Michael Cohen’s ongoing insistence that he’s not a traitor. He hasn’t attempted to publicly defend himself against the numerous white collar criminal charges he’s facing, but he keeps trying to distance himself from Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. So where does this leave Cohen? He’ll be indicted and arrested before much longer if he doesn’t hurry up and cut a deal first. All the words in the world won’t prevent him from seeing handcuffs.