Michael Cohen rips the Trump DOJ to pieces

Michael Cohen knows better than most when it comes to how corrupt and abusive the Trump Department of Justice was. After he was let out of prison in accordance with pandemic guidelines, the Trump DOJ illegally had him thrown back in prison to try to prevent him from releasing his tell-all book; a judge ultimately had to intervene on Cohen’s behalf.

Now we’re all learning that the Trump DOJ illegally obtained the personal data of multiple House Democrats and their families, including at least one minor, making for an even uglier scandal than Watergate. Michael Cohen had this to say about it:

“Like the mafia, the Justice Department became nothing more than a corrupt arm of the Trump administration; run by Donald J. Trump as it’s head of the family. Every person whose account was subpoenaed should be notified and the complete list of individuals should immediately be released to the media.”

The Deputy Attorney General is initiating an Inspector General investigation into the Trump DOJ spying scandal, which is a good start. But every past or present DOJ official who was involved in this scandal needs to be held accountable, and criminal charges need to ultimately be brought against the ringleaders.

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