Michael Cohen makes prediction about when New York State will arrest Donald Trump

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Even as we wait to see what kind of federal criminal charges the DOJ will bring against Donald Trump, his former home state of New York has had a widely documented grand jury in the process of criminally indicting him for more than a year. Now that Trump is out of office and eligible for arrest, it’s raised the question of when that arrest is coming.

No one knows the answer for sure, outside of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and perhaps the grand jury members themselves. But the indictment process has relied on certain key witnesses, who have been in and around the process, and therefore might have a better general sense of when the hammer is going to drop.

This brings us to Michael Cohen, whose congressional testimony and accompanying evidence helped get the New York criminal case off the ground to begin with, and who reportedly testified to prosecutors again just eleven days ago.

Someone asked Michael Cohen on Twitter when he expects New York to criminally charge Donald Trump. Cohen replied “within three Scaramuccis.” One Scaramucci is eleven days, so three Scaramuccis is thirty-three days. That means Cohen’s educated guess is that Trump could be arrested by the end of February. Wouldn’t that be something.

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