Michael Cohen drops the hammer on Donald Trump ahead of trial

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Of course, Donald Trump isn’t going to testify at his criminal trial, which starts Monday. It’d be lovely if he would. It would bring me and, I’m sure, many others deep pleasure to see this horrible man take the stand and lie, interrupt, and possibly insult the Judge.

But few believe it will actually happen. The reason for that is because if Trump ever sat his ass down on that stand, he would immediately incriminate himself. Donald Trump might as well be wearing a sticker that says, “I did it.” If he were actually to TESTIFY, it would be the final nail in his coffin. So, it is highly unlikely that he ever would.

Michael Cohen also predicts Trump will not testify. Appearing on MSNBC’s “The Weekend,” Cohen explained it would not happen, much as he would enjoy it if it DID happen. “The liklihood of Donald Trump being on the stand is equal to the liklihood of me waking up tomorrow 7’6″ and playing center for the New York Knicks, it is not going to happen.”

Cohen also spoke of how awful a witness Donald Trump is. That’s true. Being a witness is yet another thing Donald Trump cannot do well. “We watched that with the E. Jean Carroll case,” Cohen said. “Where he couldn’t even identify E. Jean Carroll, and confused her with Marla Maples.”

Indeed, he did. Cohen always seem to be correct. That’s because nobody knows and understands Donald John Trump’s rotten psyche better than Cohen. Every prediction he’s made has come true.

However, we do know and understand that Donald Trump wants to testify. He would not be speaking out if he didn’t. Trump likely wants to get on that stand and name-call the Judge, the Jury, and all of the witnesses.

He undoubtedly has unlimited rage, and he thinks of himself as omnipotent. So, in the warped and decaying mind of one Donald Trump, he will be sitting with resentment because he WILL NOT be able to testify.

We also know what he’ll be thinking. The Judge, the Jury, and the court workers. Trump will see them through glazed eyes, the whole world falling away as he sees only the courtroom and the people in it. How will he keep himself in check?

He will NOT be able to cause a furor, which will eat away at him in the courtroom. It will be interesting to see if Trump can control himself for even one millisecond. I have severe doubts about whether he will be able to do that.

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