Donald Trump has berserk meltdown about Robert Mueller’s testimony

There’s nothing Donald Trump can do to even try to stop Robert Mueller from testifying, because nothing works that way. Not only is it going to happen, the official date for his testimony will probably be announced this week. Someone on Trump’s team must have broken the news to him that Mueller will be testifying, because Trump is now suddenly begging Mueller not to testify, while begging the public not to listen to Mueller.

First, Donald Trump retweeted the sentiment that Robert Mueller should decide not to testify, and should instead simply tell Americans that “I wrote a 400-page report. That’s my testimony. Do with it what you will.” That’s hilarious, considering that Trump’s own rogue Attorney General is still keeping the most incriminating portions of the Mueller report under wraps. But the notion of Mueller testifying is just a fantasy for Trump, so he soon shifted his focus to Plan B.

For Trump, Plan B consists of continuing to try to convince people to listen to his fictional version of the Mueller report, instead of listening to Robert Mueller’s actual upcoming testimony. To that end, Trump once again tweeted his laugh out loud claim that “the Mueller Report showed No Collusion & No Obstruction,” when in fact the Mueller report documented several instances of Trump-Russia collusion, and a double digit number of instances of felony obstruction.

But even Donald Trump seems to understand, at least on some level, that this kind of wishful thinking isn’t going to magically save him. Of the hundred-plus tweets and retweets that Trump frantically spewed out this weekend, this lament was probably the most telling: “When the Mueller Report came out showing NO Collusion with Russia (of course), it was supposed to be over.”

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