Things just got even uglier between Donald and Melania Trump

With Donald Trump’s disastrous presidency threatening the security of the nation, and his criminal antics threatening to take down his presidency, should we even concern ourselves with the fact that his marriage is also imploding by the hour? Maybe, maybe not. But it is relevant in the sense that it’s giving Trump a major personal scandal to deal with, at a time when he can’t even deal with his political and criminal scandals without cracking up. With that in mind, things just got even uglier between Donald and Melania today.

Days ago, Melania’s people announced at the last minute that she would not be accompanying Donald on his overseas trip to Switzerland after all. The official excuse was a scheduling conflict. But this came shortly after Donald’s affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels became public, and the timing couldn’t be ignored. Now it turns out there never were any scheduling conflicts, and Melania is rather incredibly on her way to Florida without Donald.

Melania showed up at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC earlier today. That’s always a laudable place to visit, but it can’t be the “scheduling conflict” in question, because the visit wasn’t even on her schedule; she showed up unannounced. In other words, not only did she bail on Donald’s Switzerland trip because of the humiliating Stormy Daniels scandal, she’s now making a point of proving to everyone that there were no scheduling conflicts. It gets even stranger.

After leaving the museum, Melania Trump has now flown to West Palm Beach, according to a CNN report (link). What’s she doing there? No one knows yet for sure. But there is no longer any question that she’s trying to send a signal to the public. Her position, and perhaps her prenup, might keep her from saying out loud that she doesn’t want to be anywhere near her cheating jerk of a husband – but her actions are speaking plenty loudly.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report