Melania Trump slams Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr

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When Melania Trump tried her best to refuse to hold Donald Trump’s hand yesterday while television cameras from around the world were watching, it was merely the latest instance of Melania snubbing her husband without saying a word. It’s been going on ever since Donald’s affair with Stormy Daniels became public. She’s done all of this without saying a word. But now it turns out Melania is slamming Donald, along with Don Junior, behind the scenes.

Vanessa Trump recently filed for divorce from Donald Trump Jr and it turns out before she pulled the trigger, she asked her mother-in-law-Melania for advice. Here’s what Melania told Vanessa in private, according to a new report from Us Weekly: “The Trump men are one and the same — vain and ­power-hungry.” She went on to tell Vanessa not to bother trying to force Junior to change his errant ways, because “he would choose his thirst for power like his dad.” Whoa, wait a minute here. This changes quite a bit.

From the phrasing of the Us Weekly article, it’s not clear whether Vanessa’s camp or Melania’s camp leaked this ugly detail. If this is coming from Vanessa’s people, then it’s an attempt at publicly framing her decision to file for divorce. If it’s coming from Melania’s people, then it represents the most direct shot that she’s taken at Donald Trump to date.

In any case, now we have a better sense of what Melania Trump really thinks of her husband. It turns out she sees Donald Trump pretty much like the rest of us see him: vain, power-hungry, incapable of changing for the better, and willing to lose important things from his life as part of his thirst for power.

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