Melania Trump sinks to a whole new low

Melania Trump just stated that she considers herself to be the most bullied person in the world. This explains a lot. It explains why her key platform (anti-bullying) has been such a bust, and why she has repeatedly failed to acknowledge that, when it comes bullies, her husband has no equal. The fact that she sees herself as a victim is, of course, ridiculous.

We can only assume that in Melania’s extremely privileged world, being held accountable for her actions is a foreign concept. Women like Melania often have excuses made for them, and we have seen that for much of Donald Trump’s presidency. Many have been reluctant to see her as complicit in his actions. Rather we hear things like, “She’s trapped.” or “She didn’t ask for this.” She clearly knows this and is trying to work that angle to her advantage.

However, it is not bullying to hold someone responsible for their callous actions and ignorant comments. There is simply no excuse for one of the most visible women in the world to wear a jacket that says “I really don’t care do you?” when on her way to visit children ripped from their parents. It is not bullying to laugh when she pretended to garden while wearing a skirt and heels. When you do something tone deaf, insulting or ridiculous, people are going to hold you accountable. It is not bullying for people to question what she is doing with her days – the first lady has a role to fill and she has been very reluctant to assume any of it.

Most recently, in her photo shoot masquerading as some sort of humanitarian trip (to countries her husband referred to as “shit holes”), she threw sexual assault victims under the bus by insisting that they need evidence if they wish to be believed. Knowingly contributing to and validating rape culture is going to have repercussions. Melania Trump is not exempt from that simply because she sees herself as beyond reproach. With her husband’s administration truly victimizing people daily, her comments simply remind us that neither she nor the Republicans represent real people.