Melania Trump reportedly caught on tape criticizing Donald Trump and his kids

Looks like things in the Trump family might be about to get even uglier than the newly redesigned Rose Garden. Shortly after recordings were released of Maryanne Trump Barry trashing Donald Trump, it’s being reported that Melania Trump has also been caught on tape disparaging Donald Trump and his adult kids.

Melania Trump’s former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is publishing a new tell-all book about her time in and around the White House. Reporter Yashar Ali says that according to his sources, Wolkoff’s book quotes Melania making disparaging remarks about Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and other of Donald’s children. With Wolkoff’s book about to ship, it’s not clear if these audio recordings are going to be released in that same timeframe.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was previously in the news when the Trump regime hired her to help plan Donald Trump’s inauguration, an event that ended up being the focus of an apparently still-ongoing federal investigation. In this instance, it was Wolkoff who was caught on tape voicing her concerns about how the money was spent.

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