Exposed: Melania Trump is just as much of a psychotic monster as Donald Trump

If you’ve been following Melania Trump over the past several years, you know she’s a vapid ghoul. But the mainstream media has largely been soft on her, ignoring her racist birtherism and obvious cold hearted nature. Now, however, her longtime loyal sidekick Stephanie Winston Wolkoff is exposing just how hideously awful Melania is.

Wolkoff appeared on the Rachel Maddow show on Tuesday night and revealed several startling details. It turns out Melania has insisted that the immigrant kids in Donald Trump’s cages were happy to be there, and that they were better off in the cages than they had been in Mexico.

Wolkoff also addressed reports that she had secretly recorded her conversations with Melania Trump. As it turns out, after the Trump inauguration became a criminal scandal, Melania informed Wolkoff that she’d be the one taking the fall for the scandal. Only at that point did Wolkoff begin recording Melania, in order to protect herself.


So now we know that Melania Trump is indeed the kind of vapid ghoul who sees nothing wrong with her husband locking immigrant kids in cages, and she’s the kind of psychotic monster who tried to force her own loyal friend to take the fall in a scandal. In other words, Melania is exactly like Donald. Wolkoff’s book is a doozy.

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