Melania Trump has a whole new problem

Nothing seems to be going right for First Lady Melania Trump these days. Melania has largely avoided the spotlight as the media has been quite busy covering her husband’s latest crimes, impeachable offenses, and shenanigans. But when Melania’s name or image has come up lately, it has been far from flattering.

Almost a month ago, a photograph taken at the end of the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France, appeared to show Melania smitten by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while Trump stood by looking neglected. Regardless of what was going on inside Melania’s head at that moment, the image prompted a hashtag, #MelaniaLovesTrudeau, and reignited speculation of how unhappy Melania is with her oaf.

The day after Labor Day, Melania tweeted: “As students across the country head back to classes, I want to wish everyone a successful school year! #BeBest.” Twitter users wasted no time slamming Melania for her tweet, pointing out how children can’t go to school if they are locked in cages and reminding her that her Be Best initiative has been an ironic joke since the day it launched.

On September 12, Trump inadvertently humiliated Melania when he told the press that she apparently “feels very, very strongly” about vaping because “she’s got a son that is a beautiful, young man.” Hearing a father publicly refer to his wife and son in such a distant and detached way was so startling that it led many to question whether Barron is actually Trump’s son.

Things have gotten even worse for Melania this week. On Wednesday, the Associated Press published photos of White House renovations that Melania directed, which were immediately met with widespread condemnation as being “ugly” and “tacky.” The next day, Melania attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the reopening of the Washington Monument. Her scissors acted as if they were made out of rubber as if to deny her the satisfaction of that moment. After failing to cut the ribbon, Melania tweeted about the event, calling the Washington Monument “one of our many historic treasures.” Twitter users wouldn’t have it, reminding Melania that her husband appears hellbent on selling or destroy our national parks.

Finally, angry parents of children who attend the United Nations International School in New York City will be staging a protest on Monday after the school accepted Melania’s invitation to have students accompany her to the New York Stock. According to several news outlets, parents are furious both at the Trump administration’s policies and at the idea of Melania using their kids as political props in a contrived display of diversity.

It is hard to imagine that Melania ever wanted to be First Lady or that it has been a role that has brought her joy or deep personal fulfillment. More than ever, Melania looks and acts like she is ready and eager to move on. The way things are going with Trump, that day may come sooner than she expected. That day can’t come soon enough.

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