Melania Trump faces the music

Wherever Donald Trump goes these days, he keeps getting lambasted by the general public. He attended the World Series and got roundly booed. He attended a UFC event, seemingly closer to his core demographic, and he got mostly booed there as well. The thing is, it’s not just him – and it’s becoming clear that public discontent is reaching critical mass.

Melania Trump visited a hospital this week, only to find that a large number of the hospital’s employees were out front protesting against her visit, according to a surreal report from CNN. The visit was ostensibly nonpartisan, and Melania isn’t even an elected office holder, but people have simply had it with this Trump regime.

It’s not just that the general public is booing Donald Trump everywhere he goes, and demanding that he be placed in prison for his crimes. Now his wife is facing ugly protests just for visiting a hospital. Her role as “First Lady” may be seen largely as ceremonial, but at this point it’s clear that the public considers her to be complicit in her husband’s crimes and atrocities.

This is all playing out even as the House impeachment process against Donald Trump is set to go public next week, and a New York grand jury continues its process of criminally indicting Trump on state charges. We’re reaching a point of critical mass here. Donald Trump is near the end of his rope, and now even Melania is facing the music – or should we say the boos?

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