Melania Trump crashes and burns

There are two Americas right now. The first is oohing and ahhing over Melania Trump’s beauty and “compassion.” The other America is suffering through COVID-19, unemployment, the oppression of Trump’s tariffs on the family farm, and appalled at the violence on our streets during these legit BLM protests. Melania Trump may seem like a calm spot in the RNC rage tornado, but don’t be fooled. During her tax-payer-paid-for show-travels, she wore a colonialist pith helmet in Africa and an “I Don’t Really Care, Do You?” emblazoned jacket to go visit the “children” her husband ripped from their parents and slapped in cages. Her military McQueen suit she wore during her speech was reminiscent of Castro.

In her speech, she defends the man who just paid off a porn star when he cheated on her weeks after giving birth to their son. It’s clear when one steps back from the aesthetics that this woman is just plain gross. Melania has no heart or soul; she sold it long ago to the Trump Organization for a pot of cash.

While Melania Trump is merely an asterisk to the sh*tshow of lies that the RNC is producing in lieu of a convention, it should still be pointed out that to give her a pass for using US Marines to showcase her entrance, for using our White House as a backdrop for her propaganda, and using our money from her husband’s emoluments to buy that Alexander McQueen outfit is horrifying. Don’t let the pretty smile blind you to the vomit-inducing reality. She is grifting you, just like the rest of the Trump family.


We’re battling a celebrity culture in this first America and it is sucking away our soul. Journalists who’ve given these people a pass, even the relatively benign birther-smearing Melania, are permitting this lawlessness. The Trumps have always gotten away with it because they are rich. That is one America. But the second America, the real America we’re hopefully going to see turn out en masse November 3rd, is law-abiding, decent, truly compassionate and kind. As every journalist should be pointing out right now, Melania Trump really doesn’t care about this country. The other question they should be asking is, do you?

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