Someone give Adam Schiff a medal

it was always just a matter of time before one of the numerous Democratic House committee investigations managed to uncover something that was uniquely and shockingly devastating for Donald Trump – to the point that it would finally take him down. Tonight it looks like House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff just might end up winning the prize.

This week we all watched Jerry Nadler and his House Judiciary Committee take yet another swing this week at yet another hapless Donald Trump stooge who was dumb enough to show up and testify. That’s a necessary process, because it’s what will allow the House Democrats to eventually win the court battles over impeachment testimony and evidence. But in the meantime, Adam Schiff and his House Intel Committee have been hammering away at something more immediate in the background.

Schiff has kept sounding the alarm about a whistleblower report which, based on the details available at the time, sounded like it may have documented Donald Trump giving classified information to Vladimir Putin. Tonight the Washington Post reported that this is indeed pretty much what happened, and the phone call between Trump and Putin has apparently been tracked down as well. There’s a reason this is so huge.

All along, Donald Trump’s detractors have been accusing him of being a treasonous Kremlin asset. There’s been a mountain of circumstantial evidence so overwhelming, anyone paying attention is well aware that Trump is indeed a traitor. The thing is, most people – especially the people in the political middle – don’t pay attention to the details. All they know is that Trump’s detractors claim he’s a Russian spy, Trump’s fans claim he isn’t, and no one has been able to provide easy-to-digest proof one way or the other.

Until now, apparently. If there are indeed transcripts and/or recordings of this phone call between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, and the content of the phone call is so traitorously incriminating that someone in the Trump regime filed a whistleblower report against Trump over it, it’s the smoking gun. Now that it’s been identified, it’s just a matter of House Democrats getting their hands on it. At this rate, the whistleblower could well leak the documentation and take Trump down in a jiffy. Someone give Adam Schiff a medal. He found the prize.

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