Maxine Waters slam dunks Donald Trump

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to know what do about Iran. He ripped up President Obama’s fully functioning peace deal and has spent the past year manufacturing a phony crisis so he could use it as a distraction and then eventually take credit for “solving” it. The trouble: no one is buying his flip flopping, tepid, erratic, juvenile stunts. Now the proverbial buzzards are circling.

Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters is the Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, meaning she’s one of the people leading the charge in taking Donald Trump down. She had this to say about his Iran disaster: “Trump, is your confrontation w/ Iran a diversionary tactic? Do you believe getting the US worrying about a war w/ Iran will overshadow growing calls for an impeachment inquiry? Trump, you are a dangerous, narcissistic, poor excuse for a leader. You deserve to be impeached.”

Of course these are just words. Even as Maxine Waters slam dunks Donald Trump on Twitter over Iran, she’s also presumably working her way through the Trump financial records that she received a few weeks ago from Wells Fargo and TD Bank, even as Trump was busy in court trying to stop two other banks from turning over his financial records.

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