Maxine Waters slam dunks Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s string of racist attacks against Congresswoman Maxine Waters over the past two years ended up backfiring when the Democrats won the House majority, and Waters was elevated to the Chair position of the powerful House Financial Services Committee. This means she has subpoena power over his financial scandals, and she’ll no doubt use it very soon. For now, Waters is lighting up Trump over his more immediate scandals.

Maxine Waters posted this to Twitter about the escalating Trump-Russia treason scandal: “Americans should be shaken by what we know of Trump & Putin’s relationship & should NOT be surprised by the FBI counterintelligence investigation. Is Trump a Russian agent? If it walks like a duck & talks like a duck, then it is a duck – and the duck should be impeached. Please. No one should wonder why Manafort gave polling data to Russians. The only reason Russians wanted this info was to use it against H. Clinton in support of Trump. Why do you think Manafort w/ all his ties to Russia & Ukraine was in the campaign to begin with? Stay woke!”

Waters then added this: “No surprise the FBI questioned Trump’s allegiance to US! He meets w/ Putin 5 times in secret w/ no readout; gave Russians classified info in WH; disregarded US intel on Russia; praised Putin’s election; lies abt his deals in Russia. Is there any question Trump is a Russian agent?”

We’ll see what Chairwoman Maxine Waters ends up doing after exposing Donald Trump’s financial scandals. She’s used her recent television appearances to focus on the suspicious loans that Trump received from Deutsche Bank, during a period in which the bank was admittedly laundering Russian money to clients in places like New York City. The thing about Trump’s financial scandals is they’re a core part of his treason scandal.

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