Matt Gaetz’s legal troubles just got even uglier for him

By now we all know that Congressman Matt Gaetz is going to end up indicted and arrested as a result of the federal criminal investigation into a variety of alleged crimes including sex trafficking – and we’re wishing it would just hurry up and happen already. But when you consider that Gaetz will have his day at trial, and you really don’t want there to be any chance the jury lets him off the hook, it’s crucial that the case against him be as comprehensive as possible.

To that end, it’s frustrating news yet good news that Gaetz’s former associate Joel Greenberg is now asking for another delay in his sentencing. Greenberg has pleaded guilty to some hideous crimes, but he’s also cooperating against bigger fish, including Gaetz. Greenberg is going to prison for a long time and he knows his only chance of a somewhat less harsh sentence is if his cooperation ends up taking people like Gaetz down.


It appears Greenberg is looking to wait to receive his own sentence until after Matt Gaetz has been indicted and arrested, under the premise that the judge might be more lenient on him after seeing Gaetz (and perhaps others) go down. That’s a bad sign for Gaetz. Greenberg knows the true value of the testimony and evidence he’s provided – and he’s concluded that it’s ugly enough for the others that it’ll get him leniency in spite of his own hideous crimes. We’re all tired of waiting, but this is really bad news for Gaetz.

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