Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend has officially flipped on him

There had been rumblings for the past week that it might be coming, and now here it is. Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend has now flipped on him, according to CNN, and is cooperating with the Feds in their criminal investigation into whether Gaetz participated in underage sex trafficking and other crimes. This is a big deal for a few reasons.

First, it gives the Feds an additional cooperating witness on top of Joel Greenberg, who earlier this week formally cut a cooperating plea deal of his own. The Feds apparently considered the ex-girlfriend’s cooperation so paramount, they previously threatened to charge her with obstruction of justice if she didn’t cooperate.


Second, awhile back Matt Gaetz went on the air and claimed that he and his ex-girlfriend had dinner with Tucker Carlson and his wife, causing Carlson to panic and claim he had no idea what was going on. By all accounts, this same ex-girlfriend is the one who just flipped on Gaetz. So whatever she knows about that dinner with Gaetz and Carlson, the Feds are about to know all about it.

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