Matt Gaetz’s badly drawn performance art

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As you are aware, the GOP loves to perform. And they especially love to continually star in their own little play. That play is called “selective outrage.” The GOP always seems to find things that are not stories and then attempt to turn them into stories. These fake stories are then broadcast on the Republican wing of television media — Fox non-news.

The gas stove controversy is one such fake play. And boy, oh boy, are the GOP performing. They should win an Oscar for their fake screams and fake shrieks about a story they know to be false.

Gas stoves have temporarily replaced guns as the thing that those evil democrats are coming for! You can see it all over Republican TV and on social media. The GOP is attempting to scare the ever-loving crap out of people about — gas stoves.

It is ridiculous, but the fact is there are many people who took the bait and are now convinced that people are indeed coming to yank their beloved stoves away from them. And Matt Gaetz is not helping. Gaetz, who seems to exist to cause trouble, recently posted a tweet that was so ludicrous that it made news for its absolute insanity.

Gaetz uses all caps at the end of his diatribe, saying that anyone who came for HIS gas stove would have to pry it from his “COLD, DEAD HANDS.” The fake drama here is bizarre. And it is also rather amusing as many on Twitter exploded in mirth:

“The utter genius in this comment.”

“Alexa, show me gaslighting.”

“Not a good idea to clasp a stove in your hands.”


“Calm down, Mcforehead.”

“You like gas stoves because they’re under 15.”

“you seem to fight for anything except democracy.”


“Nobody wants your stove. You can still use it to melt your m&m’s.”

“Just tell them your has stove identifies as electric.”

“at least cook some marshmallows, man.”

“You are deeply concerned about gas stoves. I am deeply concerned about your hair.”

“The republicans have entered the final stages of intellectual breakdown.”

“doesn’t this kind of thing get exhausting for you?”

I want to address that last one. No, it does not get exhausting for them because they have nothing else. Look for the stove thing to die soon, followed by hysteria about some other fake story, whatever that might be.

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