Matt Gaetz is falling to pieces

Matt Gaetz is falling fast. A sizeable drop remains to the floor of the prison cell where Gaetz belongs, but the GOP’s star is quickly fading from relevance and influence. As the feds ramp up their investigation into Gaetz for sex trafficking and obstruction of justice, he can’t afford to shed any positive public opinion. Gaetz was right to vote for Juneteenth, but the toxic stench surrounding his wide-ranging criminal activity is pulling him down.

A new analysis from Business Insider notes that Gaetz has not appeared once on Fox News since March 30. This last appearance was when Gaetz famously remarked that Tucker Carlson had been “falsely accused of a terrible sex act,” prompting Carlson to call the exchange “one of the weirdest interviews I have ever conducted.” After appearing on Fox 310 times since August 2017, Gaetz remains effectively banned from the network for nearly three months and counting.

In a separate report, Business Insider revealed that former Gaetz staffers have started formally disassociating themselves from the shunned creep. At least 25 former congressional aides have removed Gaetz’ name from their LinkedIn resumes, fearing it could destroy their career prospects. Even Dan McFaul, Gaetz’s former chief of staff, now only goes so far as to say he generically served a “congressman.”


Given Gaetz’s growing toxicity, it’s no surprise that planes with “Coke Head Matt Gaetz” and “Tried to Drug Test Welfare Recipients” banners are now flying over Disney World and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Given Gaetz’s desperation, it’s also no surprise he sent a depraved letter this week to FBI Director Chris Wray about agent involvement in the U.S. Capitol attack, demanding answers by August 1. With Gaetz’s reputation crumbling and possible indictments looming, it’s hard to imagine the shameless slimeball still hanging on by then.

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