Matt Gaetz is a walking disaster

Matt Gaetz is no stranger to the law. In 2008, he was arrested for driving under the influence. Representative Hank Johnson reminded him of his arrest during the impeachment hearings, when Gaetz took a swipe at President Biden’s son Hunter. According to Tampa Bay Times, Johnson told him: “I would say that the pot calling the kettle black is not something we should do.” Gaetz is so pious that it likely did not occur to him that he was the one arrested for DUI, not Hunter Biden. Gaetz, of course, knows people in high places, and his DUI charge miraculously disappeared.

Gaetz is known for his antics in Congress, including wearing a gas mask to protest the authenticity of COVID-19. He comes across as an immature idiot, though he is 38 years old and a licensed attorney. Perhaps his behavior is the result of his privileged upbringing, which might certainly explain why he allegedly thought it was okay to have an intimate relationship with a 17-year-old girl. Though the information regarding the Gaetz investigation is just coming to light, Washington Post reported that he has been under investigation since the final few months of the prior administration. Gaetz allegedly paid for the child to travel to be with him, opening him to charges of trafficking. If these charges are true, daddy may not be able to come to the rescue this time around.

Gaetz, of course, claims to be a “victim” of extortion, but where did this information come from in the first place? Perhaps this is what is driving Gaetz to consider becoming a talking head for Newsmax according to several outlets including MSNBC, which outlet said Gaetz opting for Newsmax is a “win-win.” No argument there, as he does not belong in Congress, and he never did. While Gaetz tries to sort everything out, Kevin McCarthy has gone on the record that Gaetz will be stripped of his committee assignments if the allegations against him prove true. Gaetz will likely be going to jail if the allegations are true, so McCarthy’s attempt to look like a tough guy falls flat.

WaPo reported that Gaetz has been interviewed and that the Justice Department is investigating a political ally of his, Joel Greenberg, on similar charges. The DOJ must be thinking “birds of a feather,” and history has shown us that these types tend to travel in the same circles. It would not at all be surprising if these allegations turn out to be true. Gaetz, meanwhile, vehemently denies the charges and claims that he has never traveled with “a 17-year-old woman.” He meant “child,” which obviously makes one wonder.

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