Mary Trump just defeated Donald Trump again

Donald Trump’s legal team did what they could do to stop his niece Mary Trump from publishing her tell-all book, but since they had no legal standing, that effort predictably failed. Now, not only is the book being released tomorrow, it turns out Mary Trump has scored another big victory over her uncle.

The courts have just lifted the temporary restraining order that had been placed on Mary Trump, barring her from discussing her book, according to her attorney. That’s left her in a position where, even if she wanted to do press interviews and/or a book tour, she wouldn’t be able to. But that’s no longer the case, and she can say whatever she wants.


Mary Trump’s book is already at #1 overall on the Amazon charts, so it’s not as if she even needs to do any publicity for it at this point. Nonetheless, she’s now won the right to do so if she wants, thus underscoring the total lack of legal standing that Donald Trump had to begin with. You can order the book here.

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